The most expensive celebrity homes

Many people are envious of celebrities - their way of life, the money, the fame, the cars and, of course, the mansion. You could have a piece of this celebrity lifestyle if you can spare quite a lot of cash for a mortgage! Here we will look at some of the most expensive celebrity homes for sale.

Michael Jordan’s house may not be the most expensive of celebrity homes, but it looks amazing. It's located in Illinois and is available for the reasonable price of $29 million. This house comes with the option of keeping the number 23 on the entrance gates (the number he wore while playing for the Bulls). It is set on 7 acres of land and comes with 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a guesthouse. If you enjoy keeping fit you will appreciate the use of the swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court. This could be the ideal home for sports-lovers with plenty of money to spend.

There is not much public information on Oprah Winfrey’s house in Montecito, California, but rumours suggest it is on the market. The house is huge and comes with land of over 45 acres. Oprah bought the house for around $51 million back in 2001 and real estate agents suggest it could be worth $89 million now.

If you would prefer a sea view, maybe Gianni Versace’s old house would interest you. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, you get sweepng coastal views - but if swimming in the sea isn't for you, you can enjoy the 54 foot, 24 karat gold swimming pool. There are also 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms - plenty of room for your friends. It's available for a steal at $125 million.

Homes like these are the sort of homes that most of us can only deram of. Basketball courts, gold lined swimming pools and beautiful locations - the payments would be high but the price could be worth it. If you are in the market for a luxury home, or if you just like to dream, keep an eye out for the most expensive celebrity homes on UK and US property sales websites.

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