Most secure front doors: a review

Aesthetic appearance is not the only important factor in choosing the best front door for your needs. Exterior doors must be secure enough to protect your premises and possessions from the attentions of determined criminals. In this post we take a look at some of the most secure types of front doors available in the UK.

Solidity and security

The most secure type of front doors should have a solid core, not a hollow one. You'll be able to tell if your doors are hollow or solid by knocking on them: solid doors sound dead, while hollow doors will echo. To improve security, replace any hollow entry door with one made of metal, fiberglass, solid wood or a solid wood core, as they can't be kicked in or broken easily.

Wooden exterior doors are still one of the most popular types, available at a relatively affordable price. Although they are strong enough to deter most criminals, they will not stop determined burglars from forcing their way in by breaking the door or the frame. Where security is the concern, steel doors are an excellent option.

Traditionally a steel door consists of a sturdy wooden structure covered by a steel skin on the outside. Therefore, it is a heavy door that requires an exceptionally strong door frame and a specialist contractor to fit.

Modern steel doors have the steel layer covered by an extra wooden layer, so to appear to be made of wood. Aesthetically, they can obtain the same result as wooden doors, while being much more secure and cost effective.

Some of the best manufacturers

Take a look at some of the most secure front doors produced in the UK:

ASL’s TITAN Steel Doors are specifically designed to keep burglars out of your home, apartment or office. They also come in a variety of styles and models.

Find more info here: http://www.asllocks.com/moreinfo.asp

Yale Home Security Doors are police approved security option accredited by ‘Secured by Design’, a UK Police initiative for safer homes. This is also recognised by many insurance companies, giving Yale Home Security Doors customers the possibility of a discount on home insurance cover.

Look here for details: http://www.yaledoor.co.uk/home-security-doors

If you are considering upgrading your front door for security, also consider the importance of secure door locks. And remember, other entrances to your home must be made secure, like garage doors, for instance.

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