Most secure locks for doors in the UK

Statistics prove that most burglars enter a house through the front or back door, so it is vital to keep those doors well locked and secure. But with so many options available, how do we know we are using the most secure locks for our doors? High security is a must: take a look with us at the new generation of snap-secure locks.

High security

Burglars dicovered that it doesn't matter how many hooks or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the cylinder lock itself. In as little as 13 seconds a burglar can get past a euro cylinder lock simply with the aid of common DIY tools.

The problem of lock-snapping has become so widely spread that new British standard for lock had to be introduced. The new British Kitemark TS007 3 Star accreditation and Sold Secure Diamond Standards test a euro cylinder's resistance against snapping attacks.

Many manufacturers have attempted to reduce lock-snapping risk with snaplines and strengthened bars, but not all of them managed to create snap-secure lock.

However, both ABS and Yale succeeded in manufacturing a new breed of locks which are the most secure locks for doors in the UK right now.

The ABS Snap Secure Lock has a patented snap-secure technology which lock the central cam in place and effectively. It offers maximum high security snap-secure solution for wooden, aluminium, uPVC and composite doors.

The ABS snap secure technology totally blocks access to the door lock case and totally blocks a snapping attack.

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Best choice

With lock-snapping crimes on the increase, home security specialist Yale has launched a new Anti-Snap euro profile cylinder, the AS Platinum Series.

The new AS Platinum Series euro profile lock cylinder offers four separate lines of defence to deter even the most determined attack.

One of the most secure locks for doors in the UK right now, the Yale AS Platinum still has the same great features that you would expect from the original Yale Kite marked cylinder, including anti-drill, anti-screw, anti-bump andanti-pick protection.

More info here: http://bit.ly/JeBSpk

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