Review of Nespresso U

Nespresso, the Swiss-based espresso machine manufacturer, produces luxury products for coffee gourmet lovers. Using patented coffee pods which can only be bought from Nespresso stores and selected outlets, the company has released several models of machines such as CitiZ and Pixie. The latest addition to the family is the Nespresso U. We take a look at its performance and how it compares with other existing products in the markets.

The run down

Nespresso ‘U’ features a small compact design that would fit in most kitchens without taking centre stage. It features a 19-bar pump pressure, 3 pre-programmed coffee options, and a movable 0.8 litre tank.

  • Advantages

1. Easy to use

Activate the slide bar or one of the pre-programmed options to start brewing. Users rave about its simplicity enabling them to enjoy a good cup of coffee in an instant.

2. Space saver

Its small size is ideal for small kitchens fitting in a corner of a counter top.

3. Performance

In addition to brewing coffee, Nespresso U is also capable of frothing hot or cold milk for creamier beverages thanks to its ‘aeroccino plus’ feature.

4. Cheap

Compared to other fancier models of the Nespresso family, this model is relatively cheaper.

5. Fast heat

Nespresso U can heat water from 25 to 30 seconds.

6. Roomy capsule container

This tiny machine can hold up to 12 capsules of coffee pods.

  • Disadvantages

1. Coffee is not hot enough

Those who like their coffee scalding hot are not warming up to this machine. At best, consumers describe coffee coming out of the Nespresso U as lukewarm.

2. Loud noise

Some owners complain of a loud noise when the machine is on.

3. Cheap-looking

Nespresso claims this machine is made of at least 30% plastic in order to save on costs. Others find this cheapens the look of the machine while others do not make out the difference.

4. Automatic ejection of used coffee pods

Those who like weaker coffee might find this feature of the machine annoying if they forget to make another cup within the next 4 seconds of the last brew.

5. Sensitive buttons

One needs to be very careful when touching the buttons on the machine as they are very sensitive.


It seems reviews are a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment. The Nespresso U obviously has its strengths such as ease of use, compact size and an affordable price to boot. At the retail price of £119 on the Nespresso UK website, it is the cheapest from their line of coffee machines.

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