Where to buy New England bedroom furniture?

If you are planning to redecorate your boudoir, try New England bedroom furniture. New England styles of furniture are beautiful and functional. From minimalist to chic, New England furniture will make your room appear bigger and at the same time, brighten up the atmosphere. Find out where to buy this type of furniture so you can check out exciting pieces that will suit your bedroom.

Why choose New England styles

New England style is associated with clean lines, pastel colours, cabin and cottage style décor that remind you of beautiful homes in the northeastern part of the US. Essentially inspired by the cottage style design of New England dwellings, furniture were also designed and crafted accordingly. For example, the walls are usually painted in white and furniture material is made from pale or light wood or painted in white. A minimalist style is adopted ensuring that furniture is not too elaborate whilst at the same time very functional. Hence, if you want to buy New England bedroom furniture, we tell you where to get them:

  • New England Lifestyle (newenglandlifestyle.uk.com)

This shop offers many choices of bedroom furniture. Get a New England bedside table for £173.70 or a bedside cabinet for £184.80. Take a look at the lovely chest of drawers selling for £464.80 or the double wardrobe for £691.60. Get the New England bed for £673.50 along with the headboard costing £238.80. To complete the look in your bedroom, take the blanket box selling for £273.90 or the dressing table for £370.30.

  • Debenhams (debehams.com)

Debenhams has several types of furniture crafted in New England style. Consider the consort furniture oak finished stool costing £108 or the large footstool for £232. Redecorating your kids’ bedrooms? Take a look at their range of furniture tailored for the young ones.

Other shops

House to Home (housetohome.co.uk) has also a pleasant collection of New England style bedroom furniture. Find beds, tables, chairs and pretty accessories such as lamps, bed covers, throw cushions and curtains to complete the look. Browse through the offerings of Interior Trading (interior-trading.co.uk) where you can find amazing New England style bedroom furniture.

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