New England colours for your homes

So you decided to build your house in New England style. Be aware that choosing the right New England colours is very important if you want your interior decoration to stand out. We tell you how to combine these colours for a look that is stylish and definitely New England.

Colours spell the difference

Colours are very important when designing New England style homes or redecorating rooms or pieces at your house. Here is a rundown of New England colours that will work best.

  • White

This is the colour that is predominant in New England homes. It looks pure and clean and full of wholesome goodness. Paint walls and ceilings in white for an airy and clean look. Floors are also made from clear or light pine wood including walls and ceilings for a homely feel.

  • Cream

Cream is an alternative colour that blends well with white or similar variations of this easy hue. Use it on any surface from walls and ceilings to floors and doors.

  • Green

Green signifies nature and is a highlight of New England scenery. Blend this colour in browns and whites for a look that is completely natural and delightful.

  • Brown

Like green, brown is an earthy colour and will blend well with greens and whites. Imagine golden sand dunes for a great effect.

  • Blue

The sea is an important part of the New England region. You will find the mesmerising deep blue sea in different shades. Put a splash of blue in your homes whether it’s the lamp shade or the wall you’re trying to redecorate.

New England colours

New England colours matter if you are redecorating your homes and abodes in this style. Take note that these primary colours are easy to blend and work with when redecorating or building. Don’t be afraid to mix and match using these hues for an interior or exterior look that is stunning.

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