New England design elements

Are you planning on redesigning your abode? Do you love New England style? We tell you how you can redecorate a space in the tradition of New England homes. Take a look at basic New England design elements that are important if you are going to achieve a look that is truly authentic for your homes.

What to consider

When building or decorating homes, consider the following New England design elements:

  • Use of natural materials

The New England region is characterised by a lot of natural beauty. Hence, architecture and design of houses make use of materials such as solid wood and natural stones (marble and granite). These are great to use on floors, ceilings and cupboards and other pieces of furniture. Floors can also be made from pine planks.

The sea is part of the region’s topography as well. For instance, seashells are often used as decorations in lamp shades and mirrors. The use of natural materials also means that furnishings and materials are durable and sturdy, things that will last for a long time. This is very characteristic of New England style.

  • Colours

New England colours are often easy to blend with furniture because they are in white, cream or beige. However, it is not unusual to use other colours such as green, brown or soft blue. These colours are cool and pleasant to the eye.

  • Décor

Those who are familiar with the New England style must remember that people living in this region are fond of collecting items from books to art. Hence, you can expect to find these items and collections in New England homes.

Clean and solid lines

New England style is also characterised by clean and solid lines which make homes and interior decoration very pleasing to the eye. Hence, the next time you are thinking of building or redoing your homes, take into account New England design elements so that you can have that house you dreamt so often.

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