New England style interior design and ideas

New England architecture is characterised by a clean and uncluttered look suggesting logic and order. Moreover, it promotes the use of natural materials for its furniture, decors, floors and walls. If you are planning on renovating your dwellings or any living space, we propose some amazing New England style interior design and ideas.


There are some basic New England style interior design ideas to keep in mind if you are thinking of using this approach to refurbish or decorate a living space in your homes.

  • Colour

When it comes to a New England style interior design, neutral shades such as white and beige are predominant. Pastels are the norm rather than the exception. However, you can also make use of bright hues such as oranges teals, violets and lavenders. Mix and match these colours with greys, greens or browns.

  • Natural materials

The use of natural materials is predominant in New England decorating styles. Therefore, furniture will be made from natural wood such as wooden planks while upholstery is sourced from natural fabrics. Countertops for kitchen are going to be carved from rich granite, marble or wood. It must be stressed however, that furniture should be durable and solid whether you are choosing a rustic or a more modern design. They should also be comfortable.

  • Patterns

When talking about designs, allusion to nature is still predominant. Hence, you will find that patterns for fabric will be about nature such as plants and flowers. You will still get stripes and monogrammed linens.

  • Decoration items

For a personal touch, you can add your collections as décor items such as photographs, knick knacks or a china set you have inherited from your great grandparents. Include original works of art, paintings or framed pictures and you’re all set to achieve the New England style.

Your very own style

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns and materials to achieve a variation of New England style interior design ideas. The New England look is all about a design that best fits your lifestyle while incorporating influences from the outside. It’s also about your comfort and what you feel looks and feels the best.

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