What type of oak flooring?

When thinking about an oak flooring, choice ranges from a solid oak wood floor to laminate floors with an oak effect. Both can be of various colours, shades and thicknesses. How to decide the right flooring for your needs? Let's look at the two main options available: solid oak and oak laminate flooring


Solid oak flooring

Solid planks of real oak wood are fitted together either using adhesives or systems such as such tongue and groove or click system. This kind of flooring is very appreciated for its genuine, authentic feel and looks. Not to mention its quality and durability: the oak wood planks can be sanded down, thus regenerating the whole floor over and over again. Average price range: £16 -£60 per square metre.

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Oak laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a synthetic product: you won't find any oak, beech or pine in any of the oak, beech of pine kind of laminate floor, except for the look. These definition refer exclusively to different kind of finish given to the laminate. Such finish look are obtained by applying a printed layer over the laminate, thus recreating the colour and groove typical of the choosen wood or, indeed, any material desidered. Nevertheless, a good quality oak laminate flooring will be hardwearing and long lasting, and easier to install, remove and re-installed thanks to its click fitting system. And, by being much cheaper, it can offer a practical and affordable solution whenever a real oak flooring cannot be installed. Average price range: £4.50-£10 per square metre, with special kind of laminate ranging from £17-£30 circa.

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Colours and shades

Oak wood naturally comes in different colours and shades, giving a wide choice of looks for your flooring, either when you choose solid or laminated oak flooring. Traditionally, a solid oak floor will be of a medium or dark shade ofoak wood, while there are more choices available when going for the laminate, including the lighter shades.

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