Quick guide to buy common oil heaters UK

Around four million households in the UK are not connected to mains gas central heating from the national gas grid. These households rely on electricity, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), heating oil or renewable sources to heat their homes. Oil heaters are a favourite choice for many homes because they save on energy bills since you only heat specific rooms not the whole house. Here’s a quick guide to common oil heaters UK you can buy, depending on your heating needs and the space you want to heat.

Radiator oil heaters

Oil-filled radiators are a great choice for heating larger rooms because they have a large surface area. If you have smaller rooms, go for the light and compact models to save on energy costs. The radiators are quiet, reliable and long lasting. You can mount one on a wall permanently or use it as a good back-up heater should your boiler fail in the heart of winter. Look for radiator heater models that feature a built-in fan for improved air circulation and a more even room temperature.

Fan oil heaters

Fan oil heaters in UK are perfect for heating up cold spots in rooms. They give short bursts of heat at the exact places you need the heat. Many fan heaters also have a cold blow feature that spreads cool air around the room for added comfort when the heater is not in use. Look for oscillating fan heaters as these provide great efficiency and even heat distribution in rooms.

Panel oil heater

Panel heaters are slimline wall-mounted or free-standing heaters that take up very little room. They provide quick heat whenever you need it. You benefit from steady, low-level background heat in your rooms with running costs that can be as low as 1p a minute. The heaters can be oil-filled or provide heat by convection. They are a great choice for both large and smaller rooms.

Best time to buy your heater

Heating oil typically cost anywhere from 60 to 68p a litre, depending on which part of the country you live and the time of year you are buying oil heaters in UK. Buy portable heaters preferably in the summer because prices are usually lower then than in the winter. You will also avoid delivery problems when you buy in summer. Also, try to find heaters with grips or carry handles to make moving the unit around easier.

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