Organise your kitchen in a few easy steps!

Is your kitchen cluttered and disorganised? Most of us spend a significant amount of time cooking or cleaning in our kitchens, and devoting a little time to getting it straightened out can really have a huge impact on your stress levels! We show you how to organise your kitchen in a few easy steps...

How to organise your kitchen in a few easy steps

Step one: Spring clean your cupboards

The first step to getting your kitchen organised is to deep clean the room. Empty everything you have from the cupboards and lay it out on the table to inspect. Throw out anything past its sell-by date or anything that you aren't going to use before its expiry. Then get scrubbing! Shiny worktops, tiles and cupboards will inspire you to get organised.

Step two: Think smart about storage

Supermarkets and shops put the products with the shortest use-by date to the front, and this is a good system to implement in your own kitchen as it will prevent "forgotten" food from oing to waste. However, it's also important to consider how often you use the products. So your cooking oil won't go off for another year, but if you use it everyday there's no point in tucking it away at the back of the shelf. Kitchens should be functional above all else.

Step three: Create extra storage

If you're short on storage space, you don't have to invest in a new unit - empty jars are great for holding pasta and can look fabolous on a windowsill. Clean plant pots can hold potatoes or other vegetables, while fitting hooks can instantly create a home for mugs or tea towels.

Step four: Keep up the good habit!

Getting into the habit of tidyng and checking sell-by dates once a week can save you mountains of work in the long run. Devote twenty minutes once a week and you may never have to deal with a disorganised kitchen again!

There you have it: ways to organise your kitchen in a few easy steps!

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