How to choose the right paint colours for your bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the place in your home where you spend the most time sleeping. Hence, when it’s time to choose paint colours for the bedroom, you definitely want to take your time in order to make the best choices. Whether you want to change the ambience of your sleeping abode or prolong the life of your walls, we show you which colours are ideal for your bedroom.

Colour choices

The mood you want to create matters when switching paint colours for your bedroom. Also, the hues you decide can have an effect on moods or disposition. While it is true that paint colours in the bedroom are a matter of personal choice, certain tints are pleasing to the eye more than others.

  • Blue

Blue is cool and soothing to the eyes. It gives a peaceful and serene feeling to a living space. According to studies conducted as reported by the Daily Mail, respondents who stayed in a blue room slept longer than those who were in red or purple surroundings. Blue is also easy to blend with different hues such as greens, browns, beiges, yellows, whites and other pastel colours.

  • Red

Red is traditionally about passion and life. Painting your bedroom in shades of red can give a warm and cosy feeling. Red also denotes excitement. When combined with other colours such as white or beige, it gives a dramatic effect. Choose from burgundy or henna red to bring life to your bedrooms. Variations of the colour can include reds with oranges or pinks.

  • Green

People who want get that spa feeling can choose green as a colour for the bedroom. It is also pleasant and refreshing to the eyes. You can find different shades of green from limes and mints to olives and teals.

  • Yellow

Yellow like red creates a warm atmosphere. Foster a sunny and spacious atmosphere in your bedroom with this colour. Combine with white or green for a lovely effect.

  • Purple

Purple is associate with opulence. Try it to create a regal effect in your boudoirs.

Pastels and neutrals

You can also try other colours for a different look. For example, browns are inspired by the earth and portray harmony and symmetry. It is easy to pair this colour with beige and green for a beautiful effect. You can also try whites, greys, beiges, creams and coffee as paint colours for the bedroom.

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