Great patchwork ideas for gifts

If you are wondering what to give your friend, sibling, spouse or family members as gifts, consider beautiful patchwork. You can do it yourself or ask someone to make beautiful patchwork that is personalised. We tell you different patchwork ideas for gifts that you can give for special occasions and events.

Plenty of choices

Put a bit of effort when thinking of your next gift. Whether it is for a birthday or a special occasion, patchwork ideas for gifts are amazing. Take a look at suggestions below that might work for you and please a recipient:

  • Christmas

Consider giving mittens and pot holders for Christmas. Tea covers and placemats will also make interesting gifts. You can also think of gifting storage bags which are not only beautiful but practical.

  • Baby showers

There are some lovely patchworks of nursing pads that you can give to an expectant mother. A baby towel and washcloth set are also great gift ideas. Try baby comforters or blankets, sleeping sacks and play mats which are very functional. Clothes with patchwork as motifs also make interesting offerings to an expectant mother and her baby.

  • Weddings

The beauty of patchwork is there are many interesting patterns and colours you can use to make it stand out. Consider a pretty bedspread or cover or cute throw pillow covers as wedding presents.

  • Birthdays

For a girlfriend’s birthday, think of lovely patchwork bags, fabric flowers and other adorable decorative items. Kids will love colourful decorative goody bags or patchwork of their favourite animals as well as summer hats, coin purses and fun costumes. Try a memory game made from patchwork which will make it interesting for the small ones. Square blocks made from patchwork are nice toys for children as well.

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Where to buy patchwork

With so many patchwork ideas for gifts, you will see that this is such a versatile present. Think of pretty, delicate and colourful patchwork that will surely brighten someone’s day. From travel pillows to pretty layettes, there is a suitable gift for any occasion. Browse at Amazon (amazon.co.uk), Cotton Patch (cottonpatch.co.uk) and Ebay (ebay.co.uk) to get an idea of patchwork ideas for gifts the next time you are shopping.

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