Purchasing Paving Slabs Under One Pound

You'll find that most of the time paving slabs and other materials for home improvement are purchased in bulk. If you're looking for only a few, or looking for paving slabs under one pound each, then you might have to look elsewhere than your average DIY retailer. It only takes a little creative thinking and shopping around to find the best deals on all your building materials.

Alternative Methods of Purchase

If you go to a normal DIY or building retailer, you'll find that all the materials you need are sold in bulk. You might find yourself paying extra when you only need one of two paving slabs, in that case.

But if it's only a few you're missing, and you're looking for paving slabs under one pound, you can try looking for spares and leftover materials from other people.

Rather than clearing out their unused paving slabs, many people will try to resell them and make some money off them. This is where you can find a good few paving slabs for under one pound, or in some cases you may be offered them for free if the previous owner needs them removed from their premises.

Resource to Use

To find paving slabs for under one pound, secondhand, you can use a variety of online trading sites. The most popular sites at Gumtree.com, eBay.co.uk or Bonsoni.com. These sites use free listings and allow users to post offers for their unwanted goods. You can also use Freecycle.net, which is a site that allows users to offer goods for free, as long as they are collected within an allocated time.

You may also benefit from joining trading or swap groups on Facebook and other social media sites in your area, which will save you money on travel costs.


When you purchase paving slabs for under one pound you might find that their condition isn't perfect. Be prepared to compromise on quality and size in some cases, and be prepared to dig around the internet if you're looking for a very specific type. If you require brand new, to-order paving slabs, you may have the folk out the extra cash to buy in bulk.

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