Philips juicer hr1861: a review

A juicer is a kitchen robot able to extract the juice out of virtually any type of fruits and vegetables. Drinking freshly made juices is a very healthy habit for adults and children alike, therefore a practical juicer is a valuable asset for any kitchen. But how do you get around finding the best offers on the maket? We have looked at one of the best loved juicers of a leading brand, the philips juicer hr1861. A best selling juicer, it comes with a number of practical features.

Technical specs

The hr1861 is a best loved Philips juicer. With a price tag of around £100 it belongs to a range of medium/high quality juicers, affordable for most. Its technical specifications include a design in brushed alluminium, 2 speed settings, a powerful 700W motor, a capacity juice jug of 1500 ml, extra large feeding tube and the unique micro-mesh filter made of stainless steel.

But let's take a closer look at these features: first of all, with a shiny body in alluminium, easy to clean and adaptable to any kitchen, the philips juicer hr1861 has a great capacity but it oprimizes its volume, which means it easily takes up less space than other juicers in the same range. With 2 speed setting, it offers a choice of multiple speed control for soft and hard fruits.

Its powerful 700W motor means it gets all the juice out of your fresh ingredients in less time, while the capacity juice jug of 1500 ml and the pulp container with a 2 l capacity allow for continuous juicing of large quantities. The extra large feeding tube swallows even bigger fruits and vegetables, which means no pre-cutting needed, and the unique micro-mesh filter made of stainless steel guarantees best filtering and durability.

Lastly, for added value, the philips juicer hr1861 comes with a cleaning brush and a lovely recipe booklet.

Our conclusion

All in all, the Philips juicer hr1861 promises quite a lot and manages to deliver it all. Most customers find it practical, easy to use and to clean. Some, however, have questioned its durability, complaining in particular about the poor quality of the plastic lead. However, the hr1861 comes with a 2 years warranty when bought in the UK, so you would have plenty of time to check itsquality and durability and to get any part replaced by Philips.

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