Tips on How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Spring is quickly approaching which means the sun will be shining, birds will be chirping, and spring flowers will be blooming. For those who want to add some colour into their garden with a flower display for next Spring here are some helpful tips on when and how to plant spring bulbs.

Preparing and Planting

Buying the right bulbs

Even though these bulbs will not blossom until Spring, they should be bought anywhere between July and September. Most shops will have them available around then, so start looking around and coming up with what you would like to display in your flower garden.

When choosing the right bulbs look for bigger ones as the smaller ones may not flower in the first year. Also avoid any bulbs that look dried or withered.

Where to plant

Once the bulbs are chosen, you have to decide where to plant the spring bulbs. First research what kind of lighting the bulbs require. Most will need full sun, but woodland bulbs prefer a bit of shade. Also try and plan them in areas that have well drained soil which will help prevent them from rotting.

Another idea is to plant them between shrubs or plants to add a bit of color. Try grouping similar kinds together in odd numbers and make sure to mark where they are planted.

When to plant them

Spring bulbs require a chilling period which is why they should be planted before winter comes. Their roots need to settle in before the ground completely freezes, so make sure they are in planted anywhere from October to Mid-November.

How to plant them

When planting them, it is recommended that they are in a hole that is 3-4 times as deeps as the bulb itself. If you want to group them together, dig one big hole and place them all together.

Try and place the pointed side up. If you are unsure of where the point is, plant it sideways. The stem will eventually find its way to the top. In regards to maintanence, just keep watering them which will help the roots settle in.

Let the Blooming Begin

Keep in mind that there may be rodents, slugs, snails, and other invaders so it might be worth your time to look up different ways to fight them off. Another option would be, when you plant spring bulbs, just plant daffodils which tend to be avoided.

Now with all the hard work done, all you have to do is sit back, wait for spring to arrive, and watch them bloom.

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