Where to Buy Plastic Bike Sheds in the UK

Bicycle owners who are tired of storing their bikes in tight spaces in their homes or, even worse, leaving it outside for the weather to beat on, consider buying plastic bike sheds in the UK. Along with saving space, this allows you to have a safe and secure place for your much treasured bike.

Options of Plastic, Metal, or Wood

For those that are lucky enough to have a decent sized back yard and are looking for extra storage, sheds can be a life saver. The bikes, lawn mowers, tools, and toys can all be stored in this space leaving the lawn neat and clean.

When looking for bike sheds, you usually have the choice of metal, wood or plastic material. Aesthetically, wood tends to be the popular choice. It has the natural look and feel that belong in the great outdoors. Unfortunately if you choose this option, the wood needs to be treated every year and is rather expensive. A metal bike shed is the most secure option but tends to be a bit expensive and can be high maintenence as well.

Plastic bike sheds in the UK are a great option for those on a budget. If you need a low maintenance place to simply protect the bikes from the sea water and keep them relatively safe these are an ideal choice.

Honestly though, if you are looking specifically for plastic bike sheds they might be hard to come by. Try broadening the search by looking at large plastic garden or storage sheds as well. They can be used for whatever you need or desire to put in them.

A couple places to find these sheds are buyshedsdirect.co.uk and shedsworld.co.uk. The latter offers everything from bike cave storage tents for around £30 to metal sheds for £200.

Safety First

Make a list of what you expect to put in the shed to help you figure out what size you are looking for. Finding the right plastic bike sheds in the UK that fit your needs may take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Talk to neighbors and see what they do or don't recommend. Getting their advice can go a long way.

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