Where to buy plastic sheds in the UK

Plastic sheds are quite practical to have in your gardens or yards especially if you have limited spaces. They are DIY projects that are feasible to do. In addition, they are easy to move around if you don’t anchor them in one place. If you do, they are pretty safe even under harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, plastic sheds are not prone to rusting and rotting. If you are interested in buying plastic sheds in the UK, we tell you where to find a good selection.

Shops that sell plastic sheds

Typically, plastic sheds sold in the UK have a floor and are weather proofed. They are made from PVC which is easy to clean and maintain. If you buy bigger plastic sheds, some parts may be reinforced with steel and are lockable. You can choose from apex or pent style plastic sheds.

  • - Amazon (amazon.co.uk)

Plastic sheds from Amazon come in different sizes and colours. The 'KeterApex 6x4ft Shed' costs £229 while the 'Keter 17197897 8x6 Factor Shed' costs £599. The latter is roomier and has even stylish windows in addition to a high arched door. Inside, there are 2x3ft shelves for easy arrangement of your tools and stuff. You can also opt for the 'BillyOh Shelter Pro 4x3 Plastic Shed Including Floor' selling for £263.95.

  • - Argos (argos.co.uk)

The 'Keter Plastic Pent Shed' measuring 6x4ft comes highly recommended by the store. It costs £229.99. This plastic shed is great for storing garden tools & equipment and furniture. It is fitted with a hinged and lockable door and has 1 window. If you need a bigger shed, go for the 'Keter Plastic Apex Shed measuring 8x11ft' and costing £849.99.

  • - Shed Store (shedstore.co.uk)

Shed Store has several specials on offer for plastic sheds. You can get a 'DuraMate 8x6 Plastic Shed' for £365.04 or an 8x8 for £503.69. If you need a really big shed with lots of room, take the 'Woodbridge 13x10 Plastic Shed' for £897.70. You can also get a small shed for £175.51.

Other considerations

One of the primary considerations when deciding to buy plastic sheds in the UK is to define their purpose. You might want to use them as simple storage for small tools or bigger equipment. In addition, you have to know where they will be situated to get an idea of sizes when buying. As an advice, it is best to choose a large plastic shed so you have enough storage space and for easy movement inside.

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