Portable air conditioner and heater combo reviews

A portable air conditioner and heater combo can be a nifty solution to cooling and heating problems at home. It is portable and easy to move from one room to another. In addition, mounting is effortless with its standard window kit. Take a look at portable air conditioner and heater combo reviews to see what owners are saying.

The review

If you are considering a two in one device, there are several factors you need to take into account such as size of room, venting, cooling and heating capacity, and ease of maintenance.

  • Inefficient cooling or heating capacity

Take the SoleusAir 13000 BU Portable, Air Conditioner, and Heater. It costs $395.70 and most users rated it 3 out of 5 stars. There were complaints on the efficiency of the air con and heater. Those who were satisfied with the performance of the air con and heater gave it average marks. Cool or heating efficiency is limited. It also depends on how well the area to be cooled or heated is insulated. All in all, most portable air conditioner and heater combo reviews state that heating or cooling rooms is manageable but not what is expected of the price paid for the machine.

  • Lack of accessories

Another brand is EdgeStar 14000 BTU Stainless Steel Portable Air Conditioner and Heater. Users complain of draining water every hour when used as a heater. A hose to help drain the water easily would have been useful.

  • Noisy

Others complain of the loud noise when the machine works such as the American Comfort ACW500CH combo AC/Heater and DeLonghi 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It is as loud as a dryer machine. When the fan starts, there is a constant whirring noise and when the compressor kicks in, the noise can become unbearable.

Consider user feedback

The general consensus amongst users is that no unit can do both functions of cooling and heating efficiently. If you must buy a machine of this kind, pay close attention to portable air conditioner and heater combo reviews before making a purchase. Consider the space you are heating or cooling, the insulation of the area, and noise levels of the machine as well as the peripherals that go with it.

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