Why checking out pressure washer reviews is worthwhile

Buying a pressure washer is a big purchase. A compact one will cost at least £75 but you’ll need £100 to get a good full-sized machine. Good pressure washer reviews should ask what the machine will be used for as that’s the sort of question you’d be asked by in a home improvements shop.


There are a few outdoors uses for pressure washers. Extreme high-pressure washes can remove stuck on chewing gum. They can be used to remove graffiti when combined with special chemicals or they help remove old paint from a garage door.

Where to look for pressure washer reviews

Once you’ve decided that there are enough uses around the home for you to justify purchasing one, you’ll need to do some homework. Understanding the fundamental differences found in the top brands like Karcher, Bosch and Nilfisk is essential but the most important thing to do is to make sure that the ones you’re interested in are up to the jobs you have in mind.


You can buy pressure cleaners in places as diverse as Argos, Tesco and Homebase. Of course, you might find the product knowledge of staff in supermarkets and home improvement stores to be a little lacking, particularly if you go in at the weekend, so you’ll need to have a look at some reviews beforehand.


Which.co.uk is one of the best places to look for consumer advice. This is the official website for the Consumers' Association and they test just about every product on the market. They aim to provide a fair and impartial view on the product’s usefulness, reliability and value for money.

Final word

If you think that reading pressure washer reviews is a waste of time, you could hire a machine to get a feel for it before you commit to buying. Hiring though means investing money you won't get back and if you're considering purchasing one then you've probably already dismissed hiring a pressure washer.

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