Primark curtains for 2015

The affordable high street retailer has a great new line up of Primark curtains 2015 that covers everything from floral designs to plain curtains that will liven up your bathroom or living room without breaking the bank. We've taken a look at what they've got to offer for this season.

What's new

Primark's known for affordable fashion but it's equally good at providing durable and stylish home furnishings. Their seasonal collections offer a unique range of affordable accessories for the home, but you'll need to look in store because Primark curtains for 2015 aren't displayed on their website primark.com.


You'll get durable curtains from any of their 278 stores. There's a wide range of colours and patterns with either eyelet or tab tops. You should expect to be asked for anywhere from £17 to £30 for curtains that could be sized up to 90 inches by 90 inches. The price makes curtains from Primark ideal for those renting properties because you can enhance your living room without worry about whether the curtains will match if you're forced to look elsewhere for accomodation.


You might want to buy weights to help hang your Primark curtains. Fabric covered lead weights don't cost a lot of money but they can help you to get your curtains hanging straight, and they can be purchased when you pick up your new curtains. All you do is either sew them in or pin them in. Neither takes very long and you don't need any particular skill.

Primark home collection

If you're interested in remodelling the interior of your home using stuff bought from Primark, why not click here for ideas on what's on offer to compliment the Primark curtains from the 2015 collection? You could look for a bedroom suite to match your curtains or you could opt for something contrasting to set the room off.

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