Primark Home Spring-Summer 2014 collection: an overview

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With the arrival of March decoration and home textiles companies launch their new products in catalogues that follow the best decorating trends of the year.

In the catalogue for Primark Home Spring-Summer 2014 collection we find vintage textiles and all-British designs alongside very romantic decorative elements and accessories.

Love is one of the key inspirations for the new Primark Home collection for Spring -Summer 2014. In the catalogue we can find numerous decorative items featuring the love symbol par excellence: hangers and pillows and other decorative elements such as wood plauqes with romantic inscriptions are decorated with hearts in many variations, perfect for adding that Shabby Chic touch to any room.

Another feature Primark Home is investing a lot on this season is the British style, presented in the cool, fashionable decorative accessories with and industrial, urban chic look. Also launching this season is the line of products with a retro, vintage look, in agreement with the latest trends in interior decoration.

Lovely British style prints on cushion covers include the Union Jack in various versions, the old red double decker and iconic phone box. For the vintage and retro' look, the bicycle with flowers in its basket, or the sweet kitten close up, ready to hug! But if you are looking for something more original, go for the fresh, colourful watermelon slice cushion – in the shape of a watermelon slice!- or the supercute owl.

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Everything you need for your home is in the latest Primark Home Spring-Summer 2014 collection: textiles for the bedroom, bathroom and lounge, a line of accessories to hang on the walls and of course candles, essential decorative elements that add to the warmth and beauty of your precious nest.

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