Benefits of raised vegetable beds on legs

If you love producing your own vegetables for home consumption, there is another way to plant them outside of your garden without affecting yield or disrupting soil quality. Consider the idea of using raised vegetable beds on legs. There are several benefits of shifting to raised beds from increasing harvests to minimising weed growth.


Raised vegetable beds on legs can be bought in garden supplies shops or can be custom-made by your local carpenter. However, if you decide to do one yourself make sure the wood you use is appropriate and take note of the weight of the soil and water in the box to prevent it from collapsing. That said, raised vegetable beds on legs have many advantages for home growers:

  • Increase yields

In contrast to regular beds, planting on raised beds is different. Plants are spaced as close as possible to maximise the area. Because the soil is not disturbed by foot traffic, its quality is improved. Hence, the plants thrive better enabling roots to develop without any disturbance. In conventional raised beds, soil erosion is also contained preventing the loss of the top layer.

  • Water conservation

Since plants are closely spaced to each other, moisture is retained. This saves money on constant watering and enables plants to grow well.

  • Portable

Another advantage of making raised vegetable beds on legs is you can do it even from your balconies or sun decks. If there is not enough space in the garden, you can dedicate special beds for herbs and spices and put them near your kitchen.

  • Less weeding

Since bed planting is different compared to conventional row planting, there is, in effect, weed suppression because there is very little space for them to grow. This means less work for you and better growth for plants.

  • Easy to manage

Elderly people and those with mobility problems can also stand to benefit from raised vegetable beds. They do not have to bend or spend time kneeling on the ground to tend to their plants.


Raised vegetable beds on legs are not only practical, you can also use your creativity to build a garden that you want. From choosing different shapes and patterns to identifying plants and vegetables to grow, raised beds are great alternatives to home gardening. They are easy to mount, need little maintenance, and maximise spaces.

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