Enjoy cooking again with range cookers

How many times have you wished for that extra hob burner or a smaller oven just to reheat? If you are tired of the restrictions of a traditional oven and want more benefits for cooking, think about range cookers. They will take a bit more space in the kitchen, but you will not mind when you start exploring all the extras they come with.

Range cookers made for cooking


The simple fact is range cookers are larger than traditional cookers and that is wherein lies the difference. You can get a new cooker with at least six hob burners, a warming drawer and usually a second smaller-sized oven. Having an appliance that is just a bit bigger gives you so many more choices.

Small cookers are fine at supplying the basics, but what if you had one with an extra hot-plate, rotisserie and a griddle? Choose the best colours to match or accent your kitchen or go ultra modern with stainless steel or black.

Most of us day dream about cooking with gas or electric, but what if you could have both options? Many of the newer cookers have electric ovens and hobs powered by gas.


Best of all are the range of different sizes. You can get many of the same features in smaller sized cookers to fit kitchen requirements. Cookers generally range in size from 90cm to 150cm.


Most cookers offer two ovens as standard feature. The large oven is generally about 75 litres and the smaller oven is about half the size of the big one. Plop dinner in the big oven and finish your baking in the small one.

Another excellent feature are models with cast-iron slabs. These are griddles, which are perfect for cooking vegetables or searing meat.

If you love to stir fry vegetables and dabble in new recipes, you should check out the wok burner. Units equipped with a high-powered burner cook vegetables and meats quickly without over cooking. The wok sits on a wok support, which keeps it stable and makes stir frying easy.

Just imagine being able to steam your own fish. Check out models offering a fish burner. This special burner is elongated and perfect for steaming whole fish in a large fish kettle.

Simply cooking

If your cooking needs have outgrown your old conventional range with four burners and one oven, think about checking out range cookers. A range cooker costs a bit more and with the added features they will take up more space in the kitchen. Large families enjoy the extra burners, spare ovens, bread warmers and griddles. Think out pleasant it would be to cook without making decisions about which burners are available and how to cook your meal.

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