How to use refillable Nespresso capsules

If you are one of those who complain about prices of coffee capsules and the amount of waste you are dumping in the environment, then we might have something for you. You can actually recycle your capsules and even make your own special blend of coffee. We show you how to use refillable Nespresso capsules.

Ways to reuse capsules

Refillable Nespresso capsules will work on the following models:

  • Essenza
  • Pixie
  • Lattisima
  • Citizother
  • Nespresseo brewers except F897, F896 and F893.

How to use the refillable capsules

  • Open the capsule and fill it with coffee grounds. If you want to blend your own coffee, you can combine different varieties or types that you have. For example, you might try a blend from different brands. The point is you do not have to use only Nespresso capsules for your coffee.
  • Press the coffee grounds a bit. You should not pack it down or hard. The reasoning behind this is that water might not be able to pass through the capsule and could even block it. Your capsule might be waterlogged leaving you with bad coffee.
  • Afterwards, cover the capsule and snap it close. Wipe off excess coffee that might have spilled around.
  • Fit the capsule in your Nespresso brewer and you are ready to enjoy a great cup of your favourite coffee.
  • Capsules can be reused as often as you want that will save you money.

Another way to cut corners is to reuse coffee capsules, as follows:

  • Wash the capsule with water and make sure there are no grains of coffee left.
  • Dry it and then fill the capsule with your preferred coffee.
  • Cut a piece of foil to put as cover on the capsule.
  • Seal the edges.
  • Put the capsule in your brewer and you're all done.


There are mixed reactions from consumers regarding refillable Nespresso capsules. Whilst many are pleased with the results, there are also those who think these are just a waste of money. Often, the coffee comes out too watery and it is a lot of work to clean the refillable capsules after they are used. On the other hand, if refillable capsules are recycled, not only is money saved but it is also better for the environment.

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