The most relaxing bedroom colours

Choosing relaxing bedroom colours can have a massive benefit on your wellbeing. We associate colours like red and black with negative things, so it stand to reason that most of us associate other colours with positive feelings. We'll give you an idea of which colours are the most relaxing ones for your bedroom.

Still waters

We tend to associate the colour blue with tranquillity as it reminds us of still waters. Picking a light shade of blue can remind your subconscious of the sky, which most of us associate with freedom, or the gentle and tranquil waters of a lake.


If you're trying to create a sense of warmth and delicacy, you can do so with a cream colour that's mixed with a hint of pink. It will remind you of the blossom in spring and it will make you feel gentle and optimistic.


Grey is also one of the most relaxing bedroom colours. It won't help the place feel airy and light unless you pick a subtle shade. Using two contrasting shades of grey is a good idea as the darker tone grounds the room while the contrast caused by the lighter one creates a serene atmosphere.


Turning towards the sun always makes us feel alive doesn’t it so it’s no surprise that a light yellow will help to create a feeling of hope. It’s also a colour that promotes clear thinking as it makes you feel that there are possibilities. This is a great colour for the master bedroom but it could also work well in a child’s room.

Other colours

If you don't want to use any of the relaxing bedroom colours we've looked at, why not try a beige? This is an earthy colour that makes us feel grounded. Violet is another colour that's great for the bedroom as it draws out a higher consciousness. Green is another calming colour as it evokes both warmth and coolness.

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