How to remove textured wallpaper

Removing old wallpaper in order to lay a brand new layer is a redecorating job a lot of us have to tackle at some point. This isn’t normally too much of a problem - unless we have to consider how to remove textured wallpaper. This is particularly true for older properties.

The best way to remove textured wallpaper

Unless your property is brand new or at least fairly contemporary, there is a good chance you’ll need to tackle the question of how to remove textured wallpaper from rooms. This wallpaper was widely used in Victorian or Edwardian housing but was also popular right up to the seventies and beyond.

Ordinary wallpaper can generally be stripped clear with a water that is allowed to sink in, then removed with a nice sharp scraper from your local hardware shop. Textured wallpaper requires a different approach.

Firstly, use a scraper to get as much of the top layer off. Then thoroughly soak the walls, using warm soapy water. Allow several minutes for this to be absorbed. Now begin scraping. There will be obstinate patches, so once most of the paper is off, again apply hot water with a sponge, then repeat scraping.

When removing textured wallpaper from a ceiling, you’ll need to be extra careful. The first thing that must be done is to check if the ceiling is lathe and plaster. If you bash straight on with attempting to remove the wallpaper there is every chance you’ll take away large chunks of plaster. The solution would be to overboard or skim. It might even be necessary to go ahead with the job and re-plaster to maintain a smooth surface.

Using a steamer to remove wallpaper

Trying to remove textured wallpaper can be extremely tricky if the walls were never primed. The best way to tackle this would be to hire a steamer. Fill this with water, plug in, wait till steam begins coming out, then apply to walls, holding in place for about a minute, then moving on, scraping as you go.

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