Renting outside of London

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While it can be nice to live in the city centre which means a short commute and plenty to do, sometimes it may not seem financially not realistic. Here is a look at how rental prices compare in neighboring counties.

The Londonist recently released a study that compares the cost of self-contained studios or one-bed flats that are less than a mile from a train station. The prices listed do not include utility bills or council tax and provide the price of the apartment per month as well as the average rental prices for the county.

The cheapest flat they found in Essex was in Walton on the Naze. It is an unfurnished apartment that is less than half a mile from a station at only £400 pcm. The commute though to the city is around 1 hour 40 minutes, but it may be worth it if you enjoy the sea as the town is surrounded by it on three sides and has the second longest pier in the country. The average rent in this county is £975.

Folkestone in Kent offers a studio apartment with bathroom and kitchen for £300 pcm and is only a mere 300m from the mainline station. The commute though is similar to that of the Walton on the Naze apartment taking an dreary hour and 45 minutes. This area though has the beautiful Brockhill Country Park to stroll through and The Leas cliffs that are enjoyable to gaze at. The average rent around here is £700.

Next up is an unfurnished one bedroom apartment in Buckinghamshire at £525 pcm. The commute takes around an hour but the station is only 500 metres from your place. While the average rent is rather high at £910 pcm, Queens Park Centre and the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre are great places to be near if you can afford it and are interested in the arts.

Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire has the cheapest studio at £550 pcm. The station is only 700 metres away with a commute that can take anywhere from 28-51 minutes. This is the perfect place to be if you are interested in sports as it caters to runners, swimmers, cricket players and much more. The average rent is £875.

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