Restore wooden floorboards with our guide

Restoring wooden floorboards can be quite a big task if done correctly, but the results can make it well worthwhile. They last many years and can give your home a warm, traditional style. This guide will help you to restore your wooden floorboards.

The first thing to do when restoring floorboards is to clear the room of everything, including furniture and curtains. If there is anything you can’t remove be sure to cover it.

Next is to repair the floorboards. If any are loose, nail them back down. If any nails aren’t flush they can rip up sandpaper when sanding, so make sure that they are in right. Water stains on floorboards usually come out with sanding, but if they don’t you can flip them over and nail back down.

You will need to rent a drum sander and edger sander, and the floor will probably need to be sanded several times. The drum sander can do the most of the room but can’t get close to the walls. The edger sander is suitable for the floor in front of the wall, but you will need to do the corners manually. The floor should first be sanded with a rough sandpaper, then sanded a second time with a medium grit sandpaper. Now, you should fill in any holes with latex wood filler and smooth over with a putty knife. Then it’s time for a third sanding, this time using a fine grit sandpaper.

You can now stain the floor if you wish it to appear lighter or darker, but if you notice a lot of scratches on the floor, staining can make them more noticeable.

Now you need to apply finish to the floor. You should put down three coats. After applying the first and second coats, sand the floor by hand. This does sound like a mammoth task but most of the heavy work has already been completed. The end result is worth every second.

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