Best plants for rock gardens

Wondering which plants work best in rock gardens? Well, wonder no more because, here, we tell you! Rock garden plants tend to be compact and winter hardy, with their origins in mountainous regions or rocky hillsides throughout the world. The following are ten of the best plants for rock gardens.

1. Alpine Aster: The Aster grows in a compact mound and gives pretty little white flowers come late spring and early summer.

2. Blue Bugleweed: This plant gives great coverage and its bright blue flowers add a splash of colour to any rock garden.

3. Cat’s Foot: Cat’s Foot is a native wildflower of North America which produces pretty pastel-pink flowers between late spring and early summer.

4. Dwarf Yarrow: This plant’s large white or yellow flower clusters are gorgeous throughout the summer and its silvery strap-like leaves are striking too.

5. English Daisy: The English Daisy comes in double flowering varieties in white, pink, pinkish red and purple and bloom between April and June – both buds flowering in succession.

6. Green Carpet: Green Carpet provides exactly that. Its tiny bright green trailing foliage turns a reddish colour in the fall, adding seasonal colour to rock gardens.

7. Hens and Chicks: Late summer is the best time to admire these oddly-named plants. They form blue-green clustering rosettes and bell-shaped pink flowers at their peak.

8. Jacobs Ladder: This clumping plant gets its name from its ladder-like stems and offers dozens of blue-purple flowers during in late March, April, May and June.

9. Primrose: Dwarf varieties of the ever-popular Primrose are best for rock gardens. They come in all different colours and don’t mind a bit of shade.

10. Rock Jasmine: These pretty little pink flowers are as charming as their name and their small silver-haired leaves aren’t bad either. Expect them to bloom from April until June.

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