Is the Roomba worth it?

There never seems to be enough time in the day no matter how early you get up and how motivated you are. Cleaning can be one of those things that takes the back burner and can be extremely time consuming. One solution that the iRobot corporation has created is the Roomba which might be able to help you. But is the Roomba worth it? Let’s have a look.

In-depth look

Roomba is a circular vacuum that can clean your floors without you having to do anything except push a few buttons. It is great for any size house and has quite an extensive battery life. Simply schedule the cleanings and adjust the date and time as need be. After it is finished vacuuming, it automatically returns to its base to recharge. It can cover various types of surfaces such as carpet, wood floor, or tile. After it is finished, simply empty the dirt compartment at the bottom of the machine. It will show a red light when it is full and needs attention.


When asking yourself, "Is the Roomba worth it?" you may want to consider the different models. There are numerous models of the Roomba, the most recent being the Roomba 880. Unlike the previous models, the 880 uses rotating extractors rather than brushes to clean the floor. It is also stronger and more powerful than previous models.

The Negatives

Some of the negative aspects though are that they can be extremely expensive, especially the latest model. The older models have also had trouble with hair getting stuck in the brushes. Because it is a vacuum, it does make a decent amount of noise, so don’t expect you will be able to take a nap while this machine does all the hard work. One small problem with the Roomba is that it associates dark areas with being cliffs, so it will avoid these areas. Over time though, it does learn the space better and adapts. Another idea would be to cover the cliff sensors if you only have one level.

Worth It?

Overall this is a great investment if you have pets, children, don’t have much spare time, or just despise cleaning. It’s perfect for getting in the corners and under couches, beds, and dressers.

If you do decide to get it, remember to make sure that cords, clothes and other objects are cleared off of the floor. Flip your chairs on top of your dining table in order to clear the area avoiding the Roomba to get stuck and confused.

Is the Roomba worth it? Well, for many they have found it as being a great time saver while others haven't been as impressed. It really depends on your situation and if you think it is a good investment. Overall it has received a great and positive response.

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