Decorate homes Scandi style

The Scandi style is distinctive on its own with clean lines, bright spaces and amazing colours that blend beautifully. Bring a piece of Scandinavia with you and take a look at what we propose should you decide to recreate an ambiance that is truly Nordic. We will show you how you can do it.

How to decorate your interiors

You don’t have to spend tons of money in order to recreate the Scandi style in your homes. Keep the following in mind when decorating or redoing your interiors for a look that’s truly delightful.

  • Build a cosy atmosphere

Scandinavia is home to wonderful nature in the form of dense, lush woods, pristine rivers, lakes and breathtaking mountains and hills. A major effect the Scandi style emulates is creating a cosy atmosphere. Whether it is to prepare for winters or simply have a place where you can truly relax, you can see that Scandi style brings a cheery note to living spaces. In this regard, choice of colours is very important. Dark hues are not applied. Instead, lighter tones are used on furniture, walls and accessories to brighten up a space especially when it is dreary and grey outside.

  • Natural wood

Wood plays an important building material in Scandinavia. Whether you choose parquet or pine floors, you will find that natural materials are used in construction and furniture. Take side tables, beds, recliner seats and bookcases made out of natural wood that gives harmony to the room.

  • Furniture

For the living room, use plush and roomy sofas in white or beige colours. In order to avoid over doing it, add throw pillows made from print fabrics. Lamps are also in white or cream whilst the base is made from natural wood. Linen and other accents such as bedspreads and curtains are usually made from natural fabrics and in neutral colours.

Where to buy furniture

Scandi style is fun, clean, stylish and elegant. You can also do it on a budget if money is tight. Simply follow the basic pinnacle of Scandinavian styles and you will have a piece of any Nordic country with you. You can also choose your accessories and furniture in several shops that sell Scandinavian furniture in the UK such as IKEA or Skandium.

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