A guide to scented candles

There are few modern household items as soothing as scented candles. A softly flickering flame is always eye-catching but an even greater ambience can be created when a pleasant aroma is added to the equation. Scented candles can instantly transform any room in the house, creating little sparks of wonderful and varied fragrances.

An overview of scented candles

Scented candles are very similar to ‘normal’ candles. When it comes to their manufacture and packaging, they must follow the same stringent guidelines in terms of safety standards. Otherwise, there is nothing to differentiate them from any other candles beside them on the shelves in the store. Scented candles don’t produce any more soot because it’s the wick length and flame that cause the smoking, not the fragrance.

You’ll notice the aroma given off by scented candles is always fairly subtle, never overpowering. One reason for this is that there is a maximum amount of fragrance that manufacturers are allowed to add. Overloading the candle’s scent capability will prevent it burning properly or cleanly. Be wary of buying cheap scented candles at car boot sales or craft fairs, especially if they smell particularly pungent. There is a likelihood these won’t burn safely.

What you are actually smelling when a candle burns isn’t the perfume burning. The lovely fragrance is coming from the heated perfume. Manufacturers generally use blends of essential oils from natural resources, such as trees or other plants.

Choosing any particular scent is down to personal taste. With time, you’ll get to know which scented candles offer the aroma you prefer.

When to light scented candles

Some scented candles suit a particular mood. Citrus fragrances are a good boost early in the morning. Others, such as ginger clove or pine, are more relaxing, making them ideal for evenings when you want to take a bath, or simply put your feet up. Sandalwood is perfect for calming you if you’re feeling any tension.

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