Self built tiny house for a family of four in Virginia

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Family of 4 share a tiny house they built themselves on a piece of land they own in Virginia.

The adorable little home includes two separate lofted bedrooms a kitchen, living room, dining area and bathroom, which unfortunatly is too small to fit a much-missed bathtub.

If we talked about this in few decades ago, most people would probably turn their nose up, disdaining the simple life without all the comfort of our 'normal' homes.

But since the crunch has been revolutionizing our lives, what used to be normal just isn't any more, and, let's face it, a bit of random weirdness has become the only way forward.

With this I mean that, in a world when more and more people are facing the heart -breaking, nerve- wrecking experience of having their homes disposed by the loathed banks, or going bankrupt after all the blood and sweat, it is definitely normal to start looking for feasible alternative that would allow us to live a debt-free, decent life.

Hari and Karl Berzins are just an example of people who choose to get their lives back, even if that meant compromising on some or all the comforts we are used to. Because, in the end of the day, those comfort prove to be irrelevant when it comes down to living a full, happy life.

After losing their home and business, Hari and Karl Berzins decided to downsize and become totally independent from banks and loans. They now have a sweet little place they can call their own and where they are rasing their two children, Archer and Ella.

The couple, originally from Florida, used the little savings they had left to buy a plot of land in Virginia, at the cost of around $25,000 (just over £15,000) and built their lovely 168sq ft tiny home.

Most of the construction was done by Mr Berzins himself who, according to his wife, is the most handy person she's ever met – and they've been together for 14 years, so better trust her.

The fact that the house was also built exclusively with materials found on Craigslist and from other sources drastically reduced costs to a mere $12,000 (just over £7000).

If you are curious to know how they are getting on in such a small space, please check out http://www.tinyhousefamily.com/ for Mrs Berzins blog. Truly inspiring.

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