The 10 factors that help sell your home

These are some of the most important features of your home that prospective buyers check when they are deciding to purchase a property. Do what you can to make everything look well maintained and durable so you can sell your home with ease and hopefully get a good offer from buyers.

Property consultants point out 10 important factors that make an impact when trying to sell your home…

1. Garden - A landscaped garden is the equivalent of having an extra room in your home. Gardens make a positive impact on high resale value, especially when it creates an attractive and cosy environment for the home. Low maintenance, indigenous plants and a few exotic ones as highlights should make any garden a verdant sanctuary for its home-owner.

2. Repainting - The best value for money as renovation expense is a brand new coat of paint. Neutral and elegant colours are always attractive and provide subtle character to the home. You can use cement-based paint to provide a simple textured finish and additional effect visually.

3. Polished floorboards - Floorboards look more inviting than worn carpet. Remove the carpet then sand and polish the floorboards with a natural, water-based stain. Get help from a floor installation expert before pursuing this project. Carpets can harbour germs and bacteria, better choice is wood or linoleum flooring.

4. Roofs - Roof tiles should be cleaned to make the roof look like new again.Lichens and moss growths can be removed with some copper sulphate purchased from a hardware store. Replace rusted gutters, and clean out the leaves, and cobwebs as well.

5. Pergolas - A sun-shaded walk covered by pergolas with plants like bougainvilleas are always an inviting feature for any home. Pergolas provide shade to windows, and define outdoor living spaces like an extended gazebo. A practical feature that is also aesthetically pleasing and adds value to any home.

6. Cracking - Wall gaps and cracks can be patched with flexible sealant. You can match the colour of the existing finish or else it might look unpleasant and turn off potential buyers.

7. Fencing - Fences also provide character to your home—picket fences enhance a period-style home like an Edwardian or Victorian but look out of place on a modern house. As a cheap addition to your home, choose what type of fence would best fit your home’s personality.

8. Orientation - Showcase your south-facing garden by setting up outdoor furniture (umbrella, table, and chairs), a barbecue grill, and even a sun lounge. This makes your outdoor area cosy and inviting for family activities.

9. Declutter - A clean, spartan layout is more aesthetically pleasing, so stow away those knick-knacks, souvenirs, sporting equipment, toys, pet food bowls, scratching posts and scatter rugs. If you want to sell your home quickly, keep surfaces polished clean and neat.

10. Ambience 0 Mood lamps with soft lights, an incense candle or fragrance oil, single feature sculptures all provide some character and serenity to your home so it looks really inviting to prospective buyers.

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