Tips on selling a home like an expert

So you've decided to sell your property and want the best price for your home. You may decide to put it up for auction or offer a fixed price private sale. Either way there are some things you need to do to make sure you get top value for your property. Read on for tips on selling a home...

Thinking of putting your house on the market? Hiring agents are no longer required. The trend of private sales might be in its infancy, but it can certainly be done. So, take control and get ready for hard work. Follow this home selling plan, and you'll be an expert at home-selling in no time...

Selling a home means making it look extra appealing - First impressions last. You want your buyer to be mesmerised, so make the necessary repairs and changes. Focus on the top five areas: exterior (include curb appeal), floorings, ceilings and walls, kitchen and bathrooms. Install new appliances, and create a great deal of space. Remember, there are three things that make a house look appealing – space, light and air. Provide safety precautions and check all the faucets and bulbs.

Research, do the maths, and put a price on it - Putting a price tag on your house doesn't just come out of inspiration or because you have dreams to attain a certain amount of money. By doing thorough research, making a comparative market analysis report, and observing your market, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to put a price on your home and sell it.

It's ready for its market debut - Now that the price has been set, take photos, write sales descriptions, and join an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) site, or put up your own. The internet is a great tool to help you disseminate information. Place ads in the local newspapers, your town hall, or give out fliers. It's important to note that viewing days must be included in the ad.

Open your home for viewing - You aren't just opening your home to potential buyers, you're opening your home to the local inspectors. It's important to present your house well, and to eliminate any trace of clutter. There is nothing attractive about a messy house. Cleanliness gives your home that relaxing feel. Remember to keep an open mind and be ready for the criticism that might be heading your way. However, no matter what, show confidence in your product and never apologise for your home's shortcomings.

The most important part of selling a home: making a sale - Make sure your buyer uses the correct form for writing a purchase offer and negotiate with a counter offer. It's safe to have a solicitor or conveyancer draw up a contract. You'll need to order a title policy and ask the buyer to make a deposit.

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