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  • Twits tweet twitterbore

    Twits tweet twitterbore

    A funny take on the mundanity of celebrity twitterage set to a soundtrack of dramatic violins and stage school delivery. Brooke Hogan's updates are particularly trivial

  • QuiQue the head

    QuiQue the head

    Meet QuiQue, a man with no body, only a head. Despite being used as a paperweight by his colleagues and being dumped on top of his own birthday cake rather than being held to blow the candle out, QuiQue is a perfectly happy chappy who only needs 80-100 calories a day to survive. Inspirational.

  • 'Keep fu*king that chicken'

    'Keep fu*king that chicken'

    Whooopsadiddle daisy. A Fox 5 anchor told a weatherman to 'Keep fu*king that chicken' instead of....er, 'plucking' that chicken? (That makes sense.) His female co-host sat stonyfaced while the weatherman tried not to wet himself. That's live tv kids

  • Kanye butts in on Obama

    Kanye butts in on Obama

    If you watched the clip of Kanye West hijacking Taylor Swift's award at the VMAs and thought his ginormous ego literally couldn't get any bigger - then you were wrong

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