Set the mood with ambient lighting for the home

Soft lighting in your home can help your sense of well-being. Bright lights and spotlights can be useful in a bathroom or kitchen, but elsewhere in the house the effect can be garish. The living room or bedroom are usually places to relax, so set the mood with ambient lighting.

Soft lights for relaxation

Ambient lighting is all about creating a comfortable and relaxing environment in the home. The strength and location of your lighting can enhance the atmosphere of a room. Whether you are looking for romance, tranquillity or elegance in a room, you can set the mood with ambient lighting.

  • Bedrooms require lighting that is both relaxing and functional. Bedside lamps are a traditional solution, but many people are now opting for recessed lighting or overhead track lighting with a dimmer function.
  • Kitchens demand a more practical ambient lighting approach. You don't want dim lighting when you are slicing your vegetables. Halogen lighting is versatile, as it can be used as soft ambient lighting and also focused for specific tasks in the kitchen. For relaxing suppers around the dining table just switch off some lamps.
  • The lighting for a living room will often depend on the style of your decor. A traditional house will often have a single overhead fixture lighting the room. More contemporary lighting design uses recessed down lighting or sconces. Individual floor lamps can create an isolated ambient lighting in a large room.

Don't be afraid of old-fashioned solutions. For special evenings, an intimate atmosphere can be created with candles. In winter a flickering open fire or stove creates the most attractive ambient lighting mood.

Form and function

Appreciate the difference between lighting that has a specific function such as illuminating a work-space or kitchen area, and ambient lighting that makes a room comfortable and welcoming. It might be a case of trial and error before you find the most effective means to set the perfect mood with ambient lighting.

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