Buying guide: shelving systems

If you are going insane with the clutter in your home, consider buying shelving systems. They are great options for you can mix and match storage solutions depending on your taste and the space you have. We tell you how to choose the best shelving systems for your home or office.

What to consider

Shelving systems come in many designs and styles, it will be difficult to pick out one immediately. However, there are basic things to keep in mind before hitting the shops or doing online shopping:

  • Measure the space

As trite as it seems, carrying that measuring tape can save you a lot of heartaches. Make sure to note down the area where your shelving systems will stand and compare the size with the furniture you see in the shops. In addition, measure your doorways where the furniture will pass. Although most furniture come disassembled and in flat pack boxes, some shops sell them in one piece. Hence, make sure the furniture will pass through doorways and even windows as a last resort.

  • Consider modular units

Your money will be put to best use if you can build or add on existing shelving systems. Consider buying modules that you can reconfigure or redesign to fit your needs. A combination of open and closed shelves will be best suited for displaying or storing away stuff out of sight and dust. Shelving systems in modules are also ideal for cramped spaces.

  • Materials

Find the right materials for your shelving systems. Depending on the type of stuff you are going to store or display, you should consider sturdy materials for heavy things. There are also different types of finish such as lacquer, pine or ash veneer.

  • Price

Prices play a factor when choosing furniture. If you are on a budget, there is reasonably priced furniture which will meet your needs.

Where to buy shelving systems

Shelving systems are available in furniture shops across the UK. If you are thinking of buying furniture online, consider Nest (nest.co.uk), A Place for Everything (aplaceforeverything.co.uk), Homebase (homebase.co.uk), EBay (ebay.co.uk) and Vitsoe (vitsoe.co.uk). An example of shelving systems you can buy is the Muuto Stacked Shelving System which sells for £536.67. Cubit is another system which you can choose. Composed of several subsets, you can create anything you want with this kind of furniture.

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