Spruce up homes with beautiful shutters for your windows

Shutters for windows are great investments for your homes. In addition to providing insulation, shielding you from too much light and sound, you can also improve the look of your home. More importantly, you can even enjoy the peace and quiet of your abode because shutters provide privacy and security at the same time.

Decorate windows

Shutters for windows are available in many forms. Wooden shutters or those made with PVC are also offered in shops and by manufacturers. Consider the following types of shutters:

  • Interior shutters

Plantation shutters or California shutters are typically found in warmer climates. They come in different louver sizes and styles. The most popular louver size is 2 ½ inches which is a good choice for rooms with average sizes and ceiling heights. A 3 ½-inch louver is an excellent choice for bigger living spaces with high ceilings. You can have them custom built or buy them ready made. However, custom made window shutters look better. Divider rails are also popular amongst plantation shutters especially in bathrooms where you can close the bottom louvers for privacy. You can choose the number of panels you want and the way they open. For example, you can open them from the centre or bi-fold (to open only on one side). Average price per inch is £3.39.

  • Exterior shutters

Exterior shutters are considered functional and are usually made from wooden panels (Spanish cedar, mahogany and teak) or from PVC. They are designed for privacy, to protect homes from the elements, filtre sunlight and also for ventilation. There are several designs and styles for exterior shutters. Exterior shutters for windows can also have decorative functions since they can be painted in different colours and designs. For a synthetic wooden exterior, expect to pay at least £120 per panel.


Interior and exterior shutters for windows have many advantages. You can have full or half shutters which unlike drapes give you the flexibility to play with the amount of sunlight entering in a room. They can also keep your furniture and carpets from fading when you can limit the amount of time they are exposed to light. Privacy, ventilation and security are other perceived benefits of shutters. They are low in maintenance and best of all, add value to your homes when it’s time to sell.

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