Signs on the washing machine

Did you ever feel so confused when you first looked at your brand new washing machine? There are so many buttons and signs on the washing machine that it feels like you're inside the cockpit of a 747. Here is a short guide to help you decipher these signs and symbols.

What they refer to

For some, deciphering signs on the washing machine might be a piece of cake, but for the rest, it is often confusing to see what they mean. Here are the basic symbols that you should learn so that you are going to get the best experience out of your machine.

  • Start/stop button

These are the basic signs that you should check out first so you can at least start or stop the machine when needed. Often these symbols are together or the words stop and pause spelled out.

  • Washing synthetics and cottons

There are specific symbols on the machine to indicate how certain fabrics should be washed. If you ignore them, you will definitely encounter problems with your clothes. Cotton is indicated by a 3 leaf flower, delicates with a feather, wool with a knotted fibre and so on. Synthetics have also their own symbol.

  • Washing programmes

Washing machines have different programmes that you can access so it is really important to read the washing labels so you can clean clothes appropriately. Wash programmes are usually indicated by tubs and the recommended temperatures are inside from cold, 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and so on.Towels and beddings should be washed in higher temperatures to kill off bed bugs and mites. Most households use the 40°C cycle for clothes. There is also a programme for synthetics that you can use.

  • Spin speed

Spin speeds also differ from a low of 400 to a high of 1800 rpm. The higher the speed is, the drier your clothes become. Note that there will also be more wrinkles. The no spin option is also possible. Rinsing and holding the spin are other choices you can make.

  • Eco wash

New washing machines also include eco programmes. You can chose extra rinse, easy iron, heavy, normal or a quick wash.

Other symbols

Figuring out signs on the washing machine might be a headache in the beginning especially if your appliance has so many buttons and lights. However, once you learn to match washing care instructions and the programmes on your machines, the rest will fall into place. You can also get a machine where the symbols are grouped for an easier operation.

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