How to repair leaking skylights

Adding skylights to your home is a fantastic option for anyone that loves natural light, fresh air and a beautiful view. This effect is ruined when your skylights spring a leak and a rainy day can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here we'll take a look at how you can fix a leaking skylight yourself.

Beat the leak

The first thing you should do is investigate the leak further. You don't want to prepare to fix your window, only to find that the leak is nothing more than condensation that has built up on the surface of the glass or worse, that the skylight hasn't been properly closed! Examine as much of the skylight as you can, searching for corrosion, pinholes and other general damage that could be causing the leak. If your skylights have been repaired before, check that these previous solutions are still effective.

Simple repair techniques

If you are certain that your skylight is leaking, you might want to consider calling in a professional to ensure that the fix is done safely and properly. However, if you would prefer to try and fix it yourself, there are a few tips you can follow.

If the cause of the leak is found on the roof flashing, it can be sealed using roof flashing cement, however this is normally only a temporary solution and a full repair would require you to remove the old shingles around the skylight and improving the flashing, to ensure the leak doesn't come back.

The best sealant to use when trying to fix a leaking skylight is a unique CT1 sealant known as 'The Snag List Eliminator'. CT1 is guaranteed never to shrink, making it ideal for leaking skylights.

Avoiding future leaks

Even if you fix the problem of a leaking skylight, the problem could well return. Early detection and repair is the best way to prevent future leaks, keeping your skylights reliable. Ensure that you clean away any built-up debris as often as possible to avoid weakening the area around the skylight - it could make a big difference in the long run!

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