Creative budget savvy small garden design ideas

Designing a small garden can present as many challenges as planning a large space, if not more. But, just like working with a larger space, designing a small garden needn’t be too challenging or costly. With a bit of careful thought and planning, you can turn your small-space in to a beautiful garden without costing you the earth. Here are some small garden design ideas you can implement on a budget and grow enough herbs, fruit and vegetables to feed your whole family all summer.

Gutter garden design

The gutter garden is among popular small garden design ideas mentioned every time people talk about space-saving gardening, and there is good reason for it too. You use about three gutters to build a gutter garden where you grow plants in the sun and off the ground. The system presents no problems with poor soil, bugs and wild animals. You have total control of watering and can even make gardening greener by using salvaged gutters. Gutter gardens are simply brilliant.

WeeTree wall of plants

Designing vertical gardens on a wall is difficult and best left to the pros, right? Not necessarily, especially with options like WeeTree wall of plant created by WeeTree landscape designers of Chicago. Simply place horizontal planters in between fence posts to create a beautiful vertical garden effect. The design accomplishes several goals at once: you create shading for a building, hide ugly walls and grow row after row of veggies, herbs and ornamentals even on postage stamp-sized backyards.

Expandable step garden

The expandable step garden design created by The Urban Garden allows you to make maximum use of every square inch of usable growin gspace even in a tiny deck or balcony. You simply build a stack of raised beds on your deck with various configurations to make sure all your plants get equal access to sunlight. The design is especially useful where you want to grow much more than a pot-full of plants and space is an issue.

Pot or container garden

Finally, the simplest of urban small garden design ideas is the one-pot or container garden. You simply take a single galvanised water trough or large enough pot, drill some drainage holes in it, fill it with soil and pack it with as many veggies and herbs as possible. If you are careful to grow complementary groups of plants together in your one-pot vegetable garden you definitely will grow enough herbs, fruit and vegetables to feed your whole family all summer, such as jalapenos, chives, basil and tomatoes.

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