Smeg fridge freezers review

An icon in style, Smeg retro' looking fridge freezer are by far the smartest looking electronic appliance for the home or commercial premises. Their price is directly proprotional to their desiderability, but do they live up to standards and expectation, or are they just a pretty face? Find out more in our Smeg fridge freezers review.

The iconic FAB28 series

The Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg was founded in 1948 and is well know worldwide especially for its classic FAB range of 1950s-style refrigerators. These fridge freezer are the signature product of the brand, characterized by round corners and tasty glossy enamel paint in a variety of unusual colours and patterns, which make them an invaluable asset to any kitchen design.

So far, as the design goes, everybody agrees on the state of the art of the Smeg retro fridge freezers. It is about quality and durability that Smeg owners worldwide seem to split into two halves: those who hate them, for the poor quality against the very high price tag, and those who absolutely love them, for being so perfectly beautiful and functional.

We're afraid to find out, however, that for what concerns the classic FAB28 range, the first group greatly out numbers the second. We will start our Smeg fridge freezers review with the iconic FAB28 range. The main issue discussed against the purchase of a Smeg FAB28 fridge freezer is the poor quality of material used: the interior appears to be made of brittle plastic and break very easily, as well as internal components which end up failing within few years from purchase (generally within 2-7 years), leaving owners with a freedge that leeks or needs constant defrosting.

The problem is that most parts can't be replaced that easily, for instance if the door seal breaks -which appears to happen quite often- the whole door needs changing, costing an additional little fortune. For a tag price at around £1000, is not exactly what prospect buyers need to hear.

FAB30 and FAB32 are much better quality

The very popular FAB30 range, on the other hand, comes out of reviews in a much better shape. We would like to conlclude our Smeg fridge freezers review with a positive note.The FAB30 range also features the distinctive retro, American 50s style, andthe wide choice of colours and patterns. However, it generally feels much more sturdy and robust than the famous FAB28: higher quality materials are employed for the interiors - for instance, see the stylish glass shelves, or the drawers and door compartments renforced with metal.

Also, internal components appear to work to much higher standards. For larger inside capacity, also look at the sister range FAB32, which features a much larger freezer compartment in the bottom half - the most popular is the iconic cream coloured FAB32Q, for the right hand hinged model. However, with better quality comes higer price: the FAB30 costs around £1100-£1200 and the FAB32 £1400. Check out the whole range of Smeg fridge freezers here for all available colours and patterns:


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