Top 5 space saving techniques for small houses

We can't all run to that lavish mansion in the countryside. Size doesn't have to matter though, if you know how to make the most of your available space. Careful planning and a little knowledge of the best space saving techniques for small houses can make even the tiniest bungalow or one-bedroom flat feel like home.

Small can be beautiful

Space saving techniques for small houses often involve the simple application of common sense. Yet so many of us are resistant to adapting our lifestyles to suit our living space. A few smart tricks can help:

  1. Be creative with your shelving. Massive bookcases can make it seem as if the walls are closing in on you. Instead use open shelving or low bookcases behind a sofa or beneath a window.
  2. One large sofa is a better option than two smaller sofas. You are trying to avoid an impression of clutter, so design should be restrained and simple, with elegant lines. Don't try to cram too much furniture into one room. A good habit is to put in what you think is the minimum amount, then remove one more item.
  3. Window seats with lids are ideal, providing both seating for drop-in visitors and discreet storage. Similarly, an ottoman can double up as a coffee table or occasional table.
  4. Investigate the possibility of creating niches between wall studs for storage and display. A small niche could house an imitation log stove heater for example, or inset lighting.
  5. Keep colour schemes simple. Muted colours can provide the illusion of light and space. This applies to furnishings as well. Plain fabrics work better in small spaces

Declutter for the best results

The best space saving techniques for small houses will only be effective if you are realistic. Get rid of that clutter, give away that comfortable but huge armchair, and ask yourself whether you really need that extensive collection of vinyl LPs. Think minimal and learn to appreciate every extra inch of space.

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