Spanish Style Home Design Ideas

For those that want their home to have a Spanish feel and do not know where to start, here are a few Spanish style home design ideas to get the creative ideas flowing. There are many ways to make this home full of personality and flare by just adding and changing a few things.

Design Ideas

There are many different Spanish style home design ideas available. A typical exterior of a home will have red terracotta roof tiles, white stucco walls, a lush green courtyard, and possibly small balconies.

There are a large range of design options for the interior of the home. For a Mediterranean feel, try out hexagonal floor tiles, wooden furnishings, and faux painted adobe walls. Having arched doorways and windows is also an essential part of any Spanish home.

One great addition that can add to the home is building in niches and alcoves in various places around the house. These can be filled with bits of pottery, candles, or other treasures. Finding beautifully handpainted tiles are also a great addition to any bathroom and stair raisers.

It is easy to add a Spanish flare to the home on a much smaller scale as well. It can be something as small as adding artful tapestry to the living room wall, putting small pieces of pottery throughout the house, or repainting a room with bold and bright colors.

Look around at old antique shops or flea markets for odds and ins that might fit well in the home. Perhaps have an old chest with Spanish antiques on display in the entryway is a great place to start.

Make the Change

Whether you are looking at transforming your entire home or only just a small space, there are wide range of Spanish style home design ideas accessible online and in magazines. Make your home an inviting and open space for your mates to stop by and have a few cervesas or a siesta!

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