Early spring gardening tips

You know springs is starting to flow back in our lives when plants and birds in our green spaces seems to be waking up from the long winter. It may not be the best of weather conditions out there, but late winter/ early spring is the best time to start the ball rolling again in our beloved gardens, and getting your hands dirty with earth. Take a look at our favourite early spring gardening tips.

Early spring tasks

Although it may be still cold and grey out there, remember spring is on the doorstep and getting your hands dirty in the garden may be an uplifting option for the day. Some of the tasks that can be done right now include:

- Sterilizing pots and tray and getting them ready to be used.

- Protecting blossoms on apples, pears, apricots, peaches and nectarines

- Placing nets over crops and fruit bushes to protect them- birds will be attacking them soon!

- Ordering spring vegetable seeds- the ones that need early planting are asparagus, yardlong beans, brussel sprouts, celeriac, lettuce, onion bulbing and rhubarb amongst others.

- Reshaping and resizing overgrown edges

- Pruning climbers, including wisteria to allow its lovely late spring flowering

Also, this is the time to chip potato tubers and to divide new bulbs from winter flowering flowers such as snowdrops. Make sure the leaves have already withered and the plant can beconsidered dormant.

What else?

Early spring is the best time to plot garden designs by drawing plans and writing down a things-to-do list. If you are planning to plant vegetables for the first year this spring, which you may well be doing seen the uncanny economic situation, the first thing to do is choosing a patch and turning the soil on. Turning on will prepare the soil by ridding it of stones, old roots, spent tubers and the likes. Make a list of your favourite fruits and vegetables, and draw from it inspiration for what you are going to plant. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow include lettuce, cabbage, shallots, courgettes,potatoes, sweet corn and herbs, for culinary use as well as self help, for an healthier lifestyle.

So, which of our early spring gardening tips will be the first one today?

Enjoy it!

Ready to regenerate?

With spring at our doorsteps it is nice to know not only wildlife and plant but we ourselves are entering a phase of regeration and re-birth. An early start in our gardens with our early spring gardening tips will ensure best results later in spring and in the summer. With the added benefit of getting us back in the right mood!

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