How about a steam generator iron?

More powerful than a normal iron, a steam generator iron has the added benefit of producing an adjustable amount of steam that helps to even out creases and wrinkles on virtually any type of textile. They are also designed to use on dry-clean only garments, saving the time and money of out of the house services. It is normally equipped with a powerful platform base, with a variety of settings and the choice of extra steam jetting by simply pushing a button.


Why do I need one?

All in all, a steam generator iron is a valuable asset for any household or small business, as it makes keeping the wardrobe in perfect order a muche asier (and cheaper) task. A steam generator iron can be of many different brand names and models, as they come with a range of features. Most importantly, they fall into two main categories: pressurised or non-pressurised models. The difference is all in how the steam is produced and applied to the garmets.

A pressurised steam generator iron uses air pressure to appy a greater quantity of steam, allowing for deeper penetration. Therefore it is more powerful, irons the same loads faster and is generally more expensive. It may be better for a large family or commercial applications.

A non-pressurised steam generator ironis able to produce the same quantities of steam, with a less forcefulapplication. On the other hand it is less expensive and stillperfectly able to handle the needs of a small-medium family.

It is easy to buy a steam generator iron, they are widely available in stores and online. Prices range between £60 and £300, but offers and promotions are often available, cutting the price down sometimes of 30%- 50%. It may be helpful to look first at the models that sold better last year and tha thave the best consumer satisfaction rate.

Where can I find the best deal?

If you want to invest in a good steam generator iron, some of the top on the market are the Philips GC8635 and GC9230, priced the first between £180-200 and the latter between £175-228. Also in the top ten is theTefal GV7250, with a price ranging from £150-170, and the Morphy Richards 42244 at £83-99. Some of the best deals are available daily on Amazon:


For the the full top ten 2012 steam generator irons and where to buy them check Best Buys here:


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