Where to buy steel sheds in Northern Ireland

Steel sheds have many uses, but they are basically used for storage purposes or as workshops. They vary in sizes, styles and designs. If you are thinking of buying steel sheds in Northern Ireland, we list a few of the places where you can get a good selection of models to suit your needs.

Where to go

Steel sheds in Northern Ireland are worth looking into because they are sturdier when it comes to long-term use. They are resistant to fire and will not rot easily. Moreover, termite infestation is not likely to happen. Mounting them is easy and they can be built anywhere. A concrete base can be poured to bolt the shed. These types of sheds are assembled and disassembled in a short space of time. The only disadvantage is they are prone to rust. Hence, when buying steel sheds, make sure they are galvanised to miminise rust collection.

  • H2 Engineering (h2engineering.co.uk)

The company sells customised steel sheds. In addition, the business provides easy solutions for construction such as steel or modular garage, steel cladding or structural steel building. Steel sheds are great options to concrete sheds and garages. In addition, you can get them in a variety of colours and options such as roller shutter doors, galvanised purlins or non-drip roofs. Request a free quotation for prices.

  • WashingBay Sheds (washingbaysheds.com)

From garden to garage steel sheds, the company provides different sizes of steel sheds. They are available in white, black, grey, blue and other colours. You can also fit a roller door which you can operate manually or through a remote control. A concrete base can be fitted or steel plate for solid support.

Tonagh Engineering

Another place where you can purchase steel sheds in Northern Ireland is Tonagh Engineering (tonagh-engineering.com). The company supplies both pre-fabricated and customised steel sheds in different sizes from 3m x 2m to 30m x 8m. It is also possible to buy a flat pack option as a DIY project. Contact the company for a price quote.

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