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  • Worst swingers ever?

    Worst swingers ever?

    If you're a bi-curious swinger whose double-whammy of all time would be Myra Hindley and a Texan accent, then hold on to your pants: these two are waiting for your call

  • No Pants Day 2010

    No Pants Day 2010

    If you said 'no pants' in British English it would mean rather a different thing than if you say it in American English. In the latter it means no trousers, in the former - well, it would mean lots of cheeky bits on show. Hence No Pants Day 2010 saw Americans grabbing the opportunity to go to work wearing only their actual pants - not their trouser pants. Whatever. Take a look.

  • 'Stuck it in the wrong hole'

    'Stuck it in the wrong hole'

    This ballad about the perils of putting things in the 'wrong hole' is very funny indeed. However, if you're not sure what type of hole the title could be referring to, give it a miss

  • QuiQue the head

    QuiQue the head

    Meet QuiQue, a man with no body, only a head. Despite being used as a paperweight by his colleagues and being dumped on top of his own birthday cake rather than being held to blow the candle out, QuiQue is a perfectly happy chappy who only needs 80-100 calories a day to survive. Inspirational.

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